A Wife’s Biblical Submission

I found a great website recently that dissects Proverbs 31:10-31 and really tries to figure out biblical submission. There is a link on my blog, but here is the website: http://biblicalsubmission.blogspot.com/
It takes it one verse at a time. I am supposed to journal about it as I go in my personal physical journal as well as post blogs for the other women on the website to read when I feel led to. I am sending my blog to some family and friends, but I need to put some information in here that they may already know about me so that other women on this website will know who I am as well since I will be participating in the study.

I am Carly and I got married September 13, 2009. We don’t have any children yet. I have lived my entire 22 years in Florida but moved out to the desert in California after we got married. My husband is stationed here with the United States Marine Corps. I found the website by doing a google search for “biblical submission study”.

I knew before getting married how important submission was, but it is kind of intimidating since there is such a negative worldview. I was committed to being a submissive wife, but I have been slacking on figuring out exactly what that means and seeking out guidance. I have started to see the results of that in my marriage and at times tell myself that my husband is doing something wrong. I have a feeling I am not alone in that! But the reality is, I can only control myself and I don’t always do a good job of studying what God’s Word tells me about my role as a wife. I want desperately to fulfill that role, but how do I expect to do that without really studying it and finding like-minded women?! Duh. So, off I go. I am committed to it. There is NOTHING negative about submission. The world makes it negative. It is God’s idea. However, I am absolutely positive that it will be difficult at times. There is a difference between negative or detrimental, and difficult. I am convinced it will benefit my husband and me and I won’t let my fears or laziness or stubbornness get in the way. :o)


3 thoughts on “A Wife’s Biblical Submission

  1. Dearest sister Carly,Welcome to the study! :-)May the Lord God bless you with all spiritual knowledge and wisdom so that you may rightly discern what His good and perfect will is. And may He guide you into understanding His precepts, so that you might biblically, effectively and joyfully live according to the manner in which God pleases, and not as your flesh, Satan or the world pleases. :-)It's always so refreshing and encouraging to "meet" other sisters in the Lord who are pursuing all things in Christ and are seeking God's refining, discipline and counsel.May the Lord bless you richly for your love, devotion and obedience to His command to all wives who claim the name of Jesus.I've already started praying for you and your marriage. :-)With much love & prayers,Sunny

  2. Carly, how similar. When I first married my husband 23 years ago, we moved from Texas to the desert of CA 3 months later. We were in the Palmdale/Lancaster area and hubby worked at Plant 42. I have to admit it was HARD. I was only 22 and very immature and had not cut that cord with mommy and daddy.Our marriage struggled until we both matured and got our acts together. What a great idea to get involved in a bible study so fast. In our case, we were supposed to only be there 6 months, so I did not get a job. Every time we turned around, it was extended more and more and finally, we were there 2 years. I worked at being a great stay at home wife, but can't say I did too great of a job. Looking back, I just should have gotten a job and not looked at it as so temporary, but hindsight is 20/20. lolHave fun with your new marriage!!! (Oh, to entertain myself, I did get pregnant just before we left the area and moved back to Texas, having him 3 days prior to our 2nd anniversary. Had I not been so isolated, I don't know if I would have chosen to start our family so early, but now we are 43 and 47 and almost have an empty nest. Boys are 21 and 17.Good to meet you!CHeri

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