I have been learning a lot about waiting over the past few years, and waiting has taught me about seasons. If you are like me, you don’t pay attention anymore when someone brings up the verses in Ecclesiastes 3 about a season for everything because we’ve heard them so many times. But reading and living something out are two different things; I would rather gain knowledge by experience as opposed to just reading words on a page. There truly is a season for everything, not just generally, but specifically.

Kairos time is an exact opportune moment for something, whereas chronos time is just the sequential passing of time. If we want our lives to be lived out in kairos timing, we have to learn to wait. I like to imagine passageways for us to hop through that pass by us to where we must jump through them at just the right time or we will miss them.

There are a number of reasons for this, I believe. 1) Isaiah 40:31 says, “they that WAIT upon the Lord will renew their strength…” So many things in life threaten to sap us of our human strength, but if we wait on God’s timing for things we will be given strength to sustain us both in the waiting and in the completion of the tasks. 2) I believe God’s ultimate goal is to have us close to him and totally dependent on him. This gets into splitting hairs, but I believe God wants us close to him more than he wants us to bear fruit, and that the RESULT of us being close to God happens to be fruit. We get it backwards and want to bear fruit and accomplish things, quickly taking our eyes off of Jesus and putting them on ourselves and our accomplishments, even if we are attempting to accomplish things for God.

We all have dreams, goals, and desires, and I think they are placed there by God and that he delights in us fulfilling our God-given destinies. I think we underestimate just how much we can rely on God to direct our path whether that be in day to day errand-running around town, starting a business, applying for a job, having conversations with people or keeping our mouths shut sometimes, how to parent children individually as opposed to using the same methods for every member of the family, what movies we watch and books we read – I think God wants to be involved in it all and that we would experience much less stress and anxiety over decision-making if we would come to him even with the little things.

Decision-making could seem to be a side-step away from waiting, but I have found over the past few years that waiting is an integral part of decision-making if we want to be able to hop through those imaginary passageways God creates for us in order to experience the pure joy of kairos timing with him. For instance, you may feel the pressure of needing to run 5 errands in the course of the day, rushing out the door to try to get all of it done so that you can move on to whatever comes next on your list. What if God wants you to wait on an item or two because he knows there is a traffic jam? Maybe you need a job and the bills are piling up. God has the perfect job out there but what if the person holding the position right now hasn’t given two weeks notice yet?

Again, more than anything God wants us to remain close to him and dependent on him. For whatever reason, oftentimes he chooses to accomplish this through waiting so that our focus remains on him instead of our problems or to-do lists, knowing that staying focused on him will renew our strength. Plus, the more we remain focused on him the sharper our hearing becomes so when he says, “Okay! Now is the time to jump!” we can be confident we are hearing him and respond accordingly. He is a good father and he finds ways to speak to each of his children in a way that they begin to recognize it is him doing the talking and directing.

It never gets old recognizing how God speaks to me whether that is the understanding that I need to wait, or the nudge that it is time to act, and he offers little reassurances along the way to let me know I am on the right path. Sometimes these are just between me and him through nature or a “knowing” inside of me, other times it comes from something someone says to me or something I may read somewhere. So, as much as we are talking about waiting and seasons it is just as much about cultivating intimacy with God. That is always and will always be the bottom line between us and God.

Father God, thank you for anyone who reads this and I pray that they will recognize your gentle nudges, whispers, and encouragements throughout their day today.


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