God gets excited about you, did you know that? This is a new thing for me. I have pictured God as a lot of things, but not excited, particularly not excited about me. But this is how I feel like he is revealing himself to me, even in this very moment. And not just when I do things right or when I obey him or trust him.

I am not a parent yet. I would imagine as soon as I have children my understanding of this will reach a new level. People get excited about their children, even over the most mundane things. When they experience new things or show their little personalities. I guess another way to say it is that God delights in his children. I hate to say it, but sometimes ideas get stuck in “bible verse” mode in our minds, right? Like, we can’t picture or experience something outside of it just existing as a bible verse. Don’t get me wrong, I love the word of God. But God exists with us in real time and in real life moments.

I am sitting at Starbucks right now and I came here to balance my checkbook. I also called my mom while I was here and spent some time wandering around social media. And of course I am enjoying a coffee – a salted cream cold foam cold brew to be exact. I tried something new this time around. But anyway, I give all those details to say this: that is when it hit me that God gets excited about me. When I am enjoying one of my favorite activities of sitting at Starbucks reflecting and sipping and perusing; not reading my bible or worshiping through music or praying. This is one of the places I get “centered” again and encounter God by “being” and I am discovering that he gets excited about that with me. Now that will mess with your religion. It isn’t necessarily hard for me to believe about God; that isn’t the point. It just happens to be what he is showing me in this moment and I felt like I was supposed to share it.

If you are a coffee drinker, I hope you enjoy a cup of your favorite something-or-other in the near future and find yourself surprised by what God is showing you about himself. He is the best. Be loved, friends. You are loved; be in that state today.


One thought on “Excitement

  1. I love reading your insightful writings. I can just hear you saying the words you’ve written. Wish I could describe the joy I feel from reading about how God is impacting my daughter. God is ministering to me through you. What a blessing for us both!

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