About Carly

I am Carly. What I want to put here always changes. I sing and play guitar. I want to paint. I am learning to design websites.

I am married to a really cool guy.  By really cool I mean he is as big of a dork as I am. We fought for a while. Then we finally decided to work together. What that really meant was we finally decided to be messy real with each other. You can be fake. You can be fake real. You can be real. Then there’s messy real.  It’s, well, messy. But it is fun. And it is good. So, that is us. His name is Aaron.

We have a cat named Jasmine. She was my idea. Aaron likes her now. They play together. We used to have dogs but we don’t anymore. So now Jasmine might be more spoiled.

I like writing. I am not consistent, though.

I used to read the Bible to learn and be good. Now I read it to live. I used to be really worried about pleasing and offending people. Now I focus on pleasing God. I still screw up. I don’t condemn myself anymore (most of the time). The Creator of the Universe who controls wind and fire and life and death is my very best friend. I think. I am still getting there. I used to keep him at a distance.

I am afraid to show my emotions to people a lot of the time. I am afraid people won’t be able to handle me or they will tell me I’m doing it wrong. I don’t know what “it” is. Prayer. Life. Thinking. Loving. Whatever. I was/am afraid to disappoint people. Slowly letting go of that.

I am much happier than I used to be and, ironically, life is much more complicated than it used to be. Happiness and easy life don’t have a linear relationship.

I am becoming more comfortable with who God has made me. This is not self-help self-love crap. This is God created me in a specific way so I am going to embrace that rather than trying to fit into the millions of molds that will potentially make someone but not everyone around me happy.

So, the end, I guess?


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